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TR Therapy

Targeted Radio Frequency (TR) Therapy is a way to dramatically enhance results and cut recovery time significantly. Additionally the therapy is very pleasant as the heat spreads through your body and it is also supported by evidence-based science.

The TR Therapy itself is a multidisciplinary device which covers vast numbers of both acute and chronic sports injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.

It can be used with massage, passive motion, muscle activation or other techniques.

It distributes high-frequency energy into the tissue selectively and causes hyperthermy right where needed, whether it’s a deep muscle, ligament, joint or superficial structure.

TR Therapy instantly reduces pain and edema, relaxes tense muscles, and rejuvenates damaged tissue.

Targeted Radio Frequency Treatment

The targeted radio frequency treatment is a non-invasive cure method for acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders. The heat waves emerge from the frequency device in the form of targeted radio frequencies, these radio frequencies reduce the pain by heating up sensory/pain-producing nerves, a stimulant current. The method is popular among the health institutions because of effectiveness without ever needing to perform invasion in the skin.

  • The radio frequency waves inhibit the transmission of pain signals which allow the relief from long term pain.
  • The affected site does not have to go through any needle invasion nor is there medication used.

Looking for radiofrequency treatment for back pain? At Revital Health, our therapists provide efficient sessions of radiofrequency treatment at economical charges.

How does the TR Frequency Device Works?

The famous procedures for diagnosis like CT scan (computed tomography) and X-ray utilizes the high-energy ionizing radiation. On the other hand, the targeted radiofrequency therapy utilizes the low-intensity radiofrequency in medicine, which is unlikely to be less common. Scientific studies and global usage of electromagnetic frequencies evidence the use is vital in the field of medical treatment and diagnostics.


There are typically two variants of targeted radio frequency treatment category of applying to the patient.

  • TR-Therapy Massage Technique
  • TR-Therapy Passive Motion Technique

These are explainable as;

TR-Therapy Massage Technique

By boosting blood perfusion and the availability of nutrients, oxygen, and defense agents to the treated tissue, Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy, in combination with soft tissue procedures, improves the therapeutic impact. The combination, which is used to treat reflexively produced muscle hypertonus, makes removal of the condition faster and easier.

TR-Therapy Passive Motion Technique

Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy relieves trigger points and muscle spasms that hinder you from recovering complete range of motion in your joints. For example, when Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy is combined with passive stretching of shortened structures, the shorter structures are relieved and the range of motion in the affected segment is quickly increased.

Is Targeted Radio Frequency Treatment Safe?

Surrounding from everywhere by the radiofrequency waves, whether it is our cellphones, tablets, computers, WiFi, mico-ovens or any other device emitting radio waves–while being in extensive use for its utilities, it is being studied for its impact on human health. Whereas with targeted radio frequency treatment for back pain and other disorders, no such conclusive evidence that RF exposure increases such cancer risk in humans–even, in people who are regularly being exposed to higher amounts of RF daily because of their jobs.

ACS and FCC; Effects of TR Frequency

Evidently, both the entities; American Cancer Society (ACS)  and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have issued extensive reports on probable effects of radiofrequency exposure. According to the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) over the effects of Radiofrequency is

"While some experimental evidence has revealed an associative probability between exposure and tumor growth in animals [male rats] subjected under specific conditions, especially subjected to 9 hours of daily radiation–as such, the findings have yet to be independently verified." Many additional investigations have shown no indication of a relationship between the TR exposure and cancer or any other disease."

Burning Due to TR frequency

One effect that can be imminent and is also a known risk associated with targeted radio frequency is the potential of burning because of thermal heating. Those people who are exposed to high doses of TR frequency such as people working around radar without proper personal protective equipment. In case of precise and measured usage by Therapists, there is no harm associated with TR frequency.

Surgeries Vs. TR Frequency

Surgeries and invasive techniques for health problems have a ton of serious side effects as well, they can disrupt the routine, nausea, vomiting and need of high medication is required–probability of germ infection can also be a long term problem over the wound, if not taken care properly. In those cases, the surgeries can turn out to be more fatal for the organs. Yet, in some cases, surgery is obligatory, but where TR frequency is helpful, it allows the patient to prevent the scenario and have non-invasive treatment without any superior pain. At Revital Health, one can get the most economical and effective Targeted Radio Frequency Therapy Sessions.

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