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At Revital Health Physiotherapy & Massage we offer traditional orthopedic physiotherapy,  Acupuncture, Dry Needling, IMS (Intra- muscular Stimulation), spinal manipulations/mobilization and specialized physiotherapy for pelvic floor conditions and sports related injuries.

Physiotherapists are movement specialists. They are specialized in how the body moves and what can affect the movement.

We work with you to thoroughly assess and identify the root cause of your injury or condition that affects your motion and determine your recovery goals. Then we customize a program of physiotherapy that will help you achieve your goals.

Therapists help you understand what are the risk factors and causes for your condition and how to take preventive measures.

Each human body is different, and we keep that in mind as we work to customize your treatment regime.

Conditions that we treat include acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, motor vehicle accident injuries, work related inuires, chronic pain syndromes, back pain, neck pain, TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), Cervicogenic and tension headache, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand pain, hip, knee and ankle pain.


Worried about these muscle strains/sprains or arthritic conditions because every way that you have tried doesn’t seem to be soothing? Is it the tendonitis and you are still looking for a way get some relief from it? Revital Health is a flag ship mark of providing range of physiotherapy cures for our patients. With our qualified physiotherapists therapeutic experts having remarkable patient recovery history—we now offer sessions at a rate where there will be no burden your pocket. Whether it is pelvic floor physiotherapy Calgary or ims physiotherapy.

How does the Physiotherapy Works?

In order to cure muscle injuries and pains that causes difficulty in movement of the body, medicines and certain surgeries can be a way to relief them but physiotherapy does not depend on any of it—Physiotherapy, unlike other schools of medicine, which rely on medications and surgery to treat injuries and diseases, employs physical treatments such as massage, movement, and exercise to treat injuries and diseases. It can be used to treat a specific harm to body or to improve your overall health and well-being.

Understanding the Physiotherapy Techniques

A ton of treatment techniques and solutions are here to help in the progression of any physiotherapy session—but mainly three are the school of thought that help mainly in the recovering of the patient.


Physiotherapists frequently recommend exercises to enhance mobility and function. This can help you strengthen the damaged body part, improve your biomechanics, and return to your regular level of physical activity safely. Without even mentioning the injuries that are improved with regular prescribed exercises, there are a ton of diseases that are prevented its own, when a person manages to exercise regularly.

  • Stroke
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Falls
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Many types of cancer

Regular physical exercise can help you gain muscle strength and endurance. Exercise helps your cardiovascular system perform more efficiently by delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues—when your heart and lung health improves, you will have more energy to do everyday tasks.

Even, if one is looking to prevent the high blood pressure, no matter what the current weight is being active boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, off course the good one—certainly helping in decreasing unhealthy triglycerides. Thus, physiotherapy ultimately decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well. 


Education of a physiotherapist is the key of its of success in helping the patient to get relieved and cured properly. Hands on-treatment can explicitly do wonders but its likewise important to those physiotherapists to have an excellent source of knowledge to give advices aspect of different veracities. In this category of knowledge, it can be anything logical, a physio can recommend to the patient to help in the recovery;

  • Exercise
  • Dietary
  • Postural Habits
  • Routine
  • Everyday Activities

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy refers to a variety of hands-on procedures used by physical therapists to assist patients in recovering from injuries, chronic pain, and post-surgical rehabilitation. The main goals of manual therapy are;

  • To aid in the relaxation of stiff muscles
  • Enhancement of blood flow to damaged regions
  • Mobilization of soft tissue and joints

Manual therapy, along with therapeutic exercise, is an important component of physical therapy, assisting patients in regaining range of motion and returning to a regular level of activity. As to be objective by expert physiotherapists, like here at Revital Health, there are ton of techniques for manual therapy but three are the fundamental;

Soft Tissue and Joint Mobilization

Therapists use delicate, deliberate motions to engage joints, and gentle pressure to break up and relax stiff, fibrous muscle tissues. Mobilization is a type of manual treatment in which mobility is encouraged in damaged parts of the body, such as malfunctioning joints or strained muscles.


This method is intended to relax spastic muscles by maintaining a precise posture for 90 seconds and then slowly moving away from it. The objective is to restore mobility and decompress tissue that has been compressed as a result of an injury.

Trigger Point Therapy (Myofascial Release)

Myofascial release is a technique in which a therapist uses his or her hands to break apart and release irritated bundles of soft tissue that are frequently causes of discomfort and limited movement.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Revital health physiotherapy and massage consultancy mainly focuses on the following factors;

Eliminating or Reducing Pain

Helping the patient to minimize and terminate the continuous pain due to muscle strains.

Helping in Avoiding Surgeries

Keeping in mind to let the patient recover naturally while helping in avoiding Minor/Major surgeries.

Improving Overall Strength

Focusing on regaining the strength and stability of the patient’s muscle is one of our primary concerns.

Lesser Dependency on Medicines

We have a motive to help patient reduce his/her dependency on the medicines.

Our orthopedic Calgary consultancy ensures a welcoming environment with professional services. Do let us know to get physiotherapy ims Calgary immediately to lighten up your life with better health.


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