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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries Calgary

We treat both recreational and semi-professional athletes when they suffer from sports injuries including sprains, strains and fractures.

Our goal is to determine what caused the industry, to reduce pain and inflammation and begin the healing process. We also work to educate the athlete to prevent recurring injuries.

We will work with you to help you get healed and back to enjoying the sport of your choice as quickly as possible.

Sports Injuries

For an active and healthy lifestyle, participating in sports is of vital importance. It is good for building and maintaining heart, respiration, and muscles as well. But mishaps are a part of human routine, and they could happen because of any wrong move you make. That's when sports injuries occur.

Sports injuries should not stop you from playing sports, but with guidance and awareness at least you can minimize the risk of getting hurt. There are a variety of sports injuries, but the most common types will be discussed here to give you the idea of how and when to consult a doctor.

Types of Sport Injuries

At Revital Health, we provide the services to athletes or to a needed human being if they are suffering from any of the sports injuries. Now let's dive into the details;


Muscles and tendons are commonly used while playing sports. Therefore, strains are by far the most common sports injury. Muscles or tendons are built with their predefined movements and stretches. If moved further, it could cause damage and severe pain in them. Pulled hamstrings, pulled groin and strained squads are some examples. Warming up the muscles is usually suggested to avoid any serious muscle pull. Otherwise, a doctor is highly recommended.


Connective tissues of bone to bone are ligaments. And any abnormality in these ligaments result in sprain, another sports injury.

Unlike muscles, ligaments are also built with their predefined movements and stretches. If gone wrong, it could cause a painful burst. Any joint in the human body such as ankle, knee, wrist, elbow etc. are the most common places for a sprain to occur.

They are painful as compared to the strains. Furthermore, depending on the nature of tissue pull, it could take longer than expected for a sprain to heal. Therefore, sometimes patients are required to halt the mobile activities during the recovery phase as well.

History of sprains is studied to cure this sports injury. Because if not treated properly, it can leave the tissues prone to further sprain as well. Therefore, a doctor visit is a must if the problem persists.

Knee Injuries

This complicated joint is given its own category for possible injuries because it leaves a great impact on the human body because of sports activities. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) can cause tears in cartilage, and fractures as well. This sort of injury sometimes requires surgery as well. 

Good postures, stretches and warm-ups are suggested to athletes before performing any hard activities. Bracing and padding should be properly worn while playing contact supports. At Revital Health, we provide all types of services, including surgeries (if required) to athletes or any needed human being.


Fractures can occur mostly in arms, legs and feet because of the impact and contact sports. Proper fracture is quite painful, and it may take from a few weeks to months for that affected organ to heal. It may require immobilization and surgery as well.

Risk can be reduced by applying appropriate preventive measures such as warm up and padding. This sort of sports injury may be left unnoticed because the person may confuse the pain with sprain or strain. And as a result, bones become vulnerable to fractures. Therefore, visiting your doctor is recommended in such situations.

Tennis Elbow

Overuse and iterative activities can cause the injuries in elbow. A person may get this injury without playing tennis or golf. To avoid such mishap, you must take breaks in between, loosen your arms, and you can perform light exercise as well. Light warm-ups, and stretches are always recommended before any fierce physical activity, or it may result into something odd.

Shin Splints/Plantar Fasciitis

Apart from iterative activities of arms, some serious injuries may also occur because of the legs and feet as well. Inflammation in the lower leg are a result of running, skipping, sudden stops and starts. While the sharp pain in feet with every step is shin splints.

Repetitive exercises must be started with some light warm-up, and proper stretches. Occasional rest is also suggested during such situations. Otherwise, you should consult the physician/doctor in case of any severe injury.

Back Injury

Our spinal cord is the important bone of our body which takes all the stress on itself during most physical activities. Sometimes the mild pains arise in the back, and it goes away with some painkillers. But if not treated right, it can cause inflammation in the vertebrates and injuries goes down to the disc as well. Its treatment is totally subjective to the patients’ condition.

Good diet can prevent so many injuries, including back injury. Also, you must keep your back muscles flexible and moist with low-impact activities.

Final Verdict

Some sports such as football can cause injuries to the brain or inside the skull. If not treated well, it can damage the tissues as well. Some common symptoms of concussion are dizziness, headache, and even the consciousness is lost sometimes–and they go away depending on the severity of the injury. Protective headgear should be used to avoid any serious injury. At Revital Health, you will get the spine-and-brain specialist to treat you right.

We treat both recreational and semi-professional athletes when they suffer from sports injuries. We will work with you to help you get healed and back to enjoying the sport of your choice as quickly as possible.


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